Exposing FAA Corruption & Discrimination Against Veterans and Students of All Races
Exposing FAA Corruption & Discrimination Against             Veterans and Students of All Races

"Special Interest Group" Hijacks the Validated FAA Hiring Process



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DATELINE: April 14, 2014


Incredibly THE MAN who demanded purging of CTI list, Juggalo and NBCFAE President Roosevelt Lenard, now telling his flock to file EEO complaints due to new FAA hiring procedure HE HELPED DEVELOP…..


Rosie gets desperate falls back on the only option available… The best defense is a strong offense….




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April 14, 2014, Email from Lenard to Flock

Lets talk briefly about the recent ATC vacancy announcement held in February.  For me to say that this is a huge issue would be a big understatement.  In the past six weeks I have personally spoken with well over 500 people about this and that does not include the many emails, meeting with agency officials, and law firms… My message today is remind everyone that they must file an individual EEO complaint themselves now to protect their rights as this issue continues to evolve… Your issues are discrimination, disparate treatment, and adverse impact in hiring based on your particular basis….”


January 28, 2014, Email from Lenard to Flock

“As you know this has been a big issue for NBCFAE. I confirmed yesterday with agency leadership including AHR-1 that the agency will not offer jobs to people that may have been in that pipeline. Their words were "That list has been purged”….. I received a lot of feedback from people impacted by the change. Some of it was very negative and some centered around not understanding why NBCFAE fought the issue the way it did….”

So What REALLY Caused The FAA To Institute A Policy Against CTI Students?


Was it a researched and validated change made to benefit the public as a whole? No. No research or validation. The FAA didn’t even know (see the TELECON transcript) that the barrier analysis, meant to be a cornerstone of the “reason” for the policy change does not support their results oriented allegations.


Was it legitimate barriers to fair and open participation? No. No real barriers (see the barrier analysis report). The FAA’s own “studies” and consultants (please see the information on these folks- it’s startling) can give no plausible reason for the change.


Racial politics and quotas? Correct. The National Black Coalition Federal Aviation Employees (“NBCFAE”) did not like the fact that CTI students, because of their perceived race, were in a preferred hiring pool. This is despite the barrier analysis report’s determination that CTI students were diverse.


Consider the following:


Document 1 is an email from the Mr. Shelton G. Snow of the NBCFAE with a subject line of: “Telcon Minutes (12/16/2013) Please Read Regarding FAA ATC Hire.” Notice that the date of this email is December 16, 2013.


Points to consider:

  • This document was addressed to many non-NBCFAE African American students via email. Apparently, no other CTI students, other than black students, received this email. The ONLY way for the NBCFAE to be able to send this email (to this select group), regarding any emails they didn’t already possess, was to obtain the email addresses of the CTI students from the FAA Human Resources Department. This is in itself, a breach of trust and regulations and whoever released this information to the NBCFAE may have committed a crime;
  • FAA employee Joseph Teixiera intentionally and falsely stated in the TELECON on January 8, 2014 that “[t]here were no special interest groups involved in the design of the FAA policy at all. This was done by experts in the human resources department and civil rights….” So human resources and civil rights were involved in the design of the new discriminatory process.These are the same groups within the FAA that have purposefully stalled and delayed hiring of CTI students for the last two years. Now you know the actual story why. Regarding the assertion that no special interest groups were involved in the design- see document 3 where the president of the NBCFAE illustrates that his organization has been “fighting” the issue. By the way, there are many many members of the NBCFAE in the HR and Civil Rights FAA offices.
  • This email had document 2 attached. Notice both were sent almost 3 weeks before any changes were allegedly PUBLICLY announced. That means people in the FAA Human Resources or Civil Rights branches gave information to a select group of special interest groups who have been continually attacking the CTI process. The email clearly illustrates that the NBCFAE knew about the process, and document 2 specifically tells the TELECON participants how to game the process for the benefit of their members. Either FAA HR and/or Civil Rights released information that was supposed to be confidential to the NBCFAE. Like the release of a select minority group’s email addresses (see above) this is a breach of trust and regulations and whoever released this information to the NBCFAE may have committed a crime.

Document 2 is the “Associates Members TELCON” also dated December 16, 2013 and attached to Document 1.


Points to consider:

  • About the February 10th Bid” clearly shows that the NBCFAE knew about the process long before (at least three weeks prior) to the CTI Institutions or students being informed by the FAA during a TELECON on January 8, 2014.
  • FIRST AND FOREMOST….check your email addresses.” If your email address does not include your first and last name then change it. For example: Denzel.Washington@gmail.com. Explain why.
  1. In the past we’ve had people on the selection panel we want them to be able to identify you.
  2. Also, very important…on your resume please include if you are a NBCFAE Member. Most of you are Associate Member; put it on your resume! This is for us to know who our people are in the case that we have one of our very own on the board. In the past we’ve always had one, and they share our enthusiasm. Can you see the strategy.
  • “We are only concerned about African-Americans, Women (of every ethnic background), and other minorities.”
  1. Please ensure that you share this information with no one that is identified outside of that. This information is reserve for those classes of people we represent. This is to minimize competition.
  2. We effort to influence the FAA to diversify the ATC workforce, and we aim to only prepare candidates that are demographically classed to meet that diversification.

Document 1- The NBCFAE Game Plan 2.10.2010

Safe Towers Act:





There were a total of 964 new hires… who entered training at an air traffic control facility….


Of those, CTI hires attained CPC status from their first facility at a rate of 74.6%...


followed by Military at 70.3%... 


and General Public at a rate of 44.7%...


CTI and Military attained first facility CPC status at a nearly 65% greater rate than General Public.


Source: FAA New Hire Training Performance Semi-Annual Report.


_______________________ “…Overall, a larger proportion of CTI trainees were successful and a smaller proportion unsuccessful than GP trainees…Simply based on training performance, a preference for CTI graduates over GP applicants at both en route and terminal facilities seems warranted….

Source: The Utility of the Air Traffic Selection and Training Test Battery in Hiring Graduates of an Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative Program, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Federal Aviation Administration.


We are students and veterans who believe those who serve in the military or graduate the CTI Program are better prepared to enter the air traffic control specialist career path. CTI  and veteran students of all races and genders perform better and certify at a much higher rate than off-the-street candidates. The FAA is well aware of this fact, yet due to alleged discrimination, that their own studies disprove, the FAA has effectively eliminated the CTI/ Veteran special hiring pool.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: we are NOT affiliated in any way with the CTI school association or the CTI connection groups.


We are an independent source advocating for current CTI students, VRAs (Veterans) and former CTI graduates as well as exposing alleged corruption by FAA employees.  


If our website is too harsh for you we kindly ask that you go elsewhere so you are not offended.  If you are interested in the actual story behind FAA managers who have abused the public trust- welcome. 


Please see the tipline on the menu at the top in order to blow the whistle on FAA corruption. To date hundreds of employees have sent in information and tips regarding fraud, waste and abuse. 

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4883 Controller Training Contract 

Scott Bukovec, System Ops. Contracts Group


Minimum $6M to a max of $500M - due to bid 3rd Qtr of 2014.


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