Exposing FAA Corruption & Discrimination Against Veterans and Students of All Races
Exposing FAA Corruption & Discrimination Against             Veterans and Students of All Races

The Players...

Dear Señor Huerta -


a private note to your conscience…


 All others por favor turn away



We the veterans, CTI graduates, students, Senators and members of the House who fly daily humbly remind you of the Caballeros Creed. Good advice can be found there.  We submit to you that one of your trusted and protected operatives would make good ol’ Gene roll over in his grave…


Gene Autry's Cowboy Code of Honor


1.       A cowboy never takes unfair advantage - even of an enemy. (Joseph Teixeira has destroyed the dreams of many young veterans and students of all races and both genders. The internal issues? We’ll stop here. )


2.       A cowboy never betrays a trust. He never goes back on his word. (Bwahahahahaha- sorry choking up can’t see keyboard- tears from laughing….)


3.       A cowboy always tells the truth. (Ummm.. we don’t have enough server  space to get into Joseph and David’s shall we say “truth” issues- maybe the DOJ will help us out now that  Eric is gone).


4.       A cowboy is kind and gentle to small children, old folks, and animals. (Joseph tells everyone who will listen to his Walter Mitty fantasy stories that while gun running for the Nicaraguan Contras with Ollie North he ate several innocent iguanas, blah blah blah- a honorable caballero would never do that. Special Note to Joe: stop telling everyone your made up fantasy contra rebel gun-running stories. Yada, yada, freaking yada. Even we feel sorry for you).


5.       A cowboy is free from racial and religious intolerances. (Little Joe has intentionally harmed many minority and female students who would be excellent FAA controllers- he has tried to destroy the best source of diversity the FAA has- apparently supported by you Señor Huert. Shameful ).


6.       A cowboy is always helpful when someone is in trouble. (As long as it is someone he can get a kickback from).


7.       A cowboy is always a good worker. (Especially while on trips with industry paramours- lots of FAA “business” apparently conducted on these “excursions” supporting FAA initiatives at remote resort locations. Amsterdam, Paris, London, etc. et. all at the taxpayer expense).


8.       A cowboy respects womanhood, his parents and his nation's laws. (Please see Joseph Teixeira’s numerous EEO complaints (Landgrover, Merchant, etc.) against women. Multiple decisions upheld by several Judges who found that Joseph is shall we say “not credible.” Extra Special Note to Juggalos- that means your leader is a bald faced liar. Nations laws? Obeys Laws? Ethics? Federal Acquisition Regulations? Bwahahahahah...).


9.       A cowboy is clean about his person in thought, word, and deed. (Okay- we’ll take the high road here- you may want o search out former “alliances”. Ahh heck with that Joseph Teixeira is dirty and everyone knows it. Poll the workforce- Special  Note for the Juggalos:  poll means take a survey- not screw the workforce- the way you’ve operated in the past.


10.     A cowboy is a Patriot. (Patriotism presupposes you’re a citizen. I'll show you my passport if Joseph Teixeira will show you his... we're not talking about a passport from Angola either).


Michael Huerta (FAA): Michael P. Huerta is the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. He was sworn-in to this office, for a five year term, on January 9, 2013. He was confirmed as Deputy Administrator on June 23, 2010, and became Acting Administrator upon the resignation of Randy Babbitt on December 6, 2011.


Joseph Teixeira (FAA) (TELECON PARTICIPANT): Joseph Teixeira was named Vice President of Safety and Technical Training for the Air Traffic Organization in 2011. He is the head of the branch that oversees the CTI program within the FAA.


Mike McCormick (FAA)(TELECON PARTICIPANT): McCormick is the FAA's Vice President of Management Services


Rickie Cannon (FAA)(TELECON PARTICIPANT): Cannon is the Director Human Resource Field Operations for the FAA.


Carrolyn Bostik (FAA)(TELECON PARTICIPANT): Bostik is the Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Management for the FAA.


John Scott (ATPMetrics)(TELECON PARTICIPANT): Chief operating officer of ATPMetrics, the contractor that produced the Extension to Barrier Analysis Report.


James Outtz (Outtz and Associates): Principal at Outtz and Associates, the contractor that produced the Barrier Analysis Report.


A Prominent Black Activist: to be named as soon as additional verification occurs.


Employees within the FAA Office of Civil Rights


Employees within the FAA Human Resources Department

So What's The Real Story?

Safe Towers Act:





There were a total of 964 new hires… who entered training at an air traffic control facility….


Of those, CTI hires attained CPC status from their first facility at a rate of 74.6%...


followed by Military at 70.3%... 


and General Public at a rate of 44.7%...


CTI and Military attained first facility CPC status at a nearly 65% greater rate than General Public.


Source: FAA New Hire Training Performance Semi-Annual Report.


_______________________ “…Overall, a larger proportion of CTI trainees were successful and a smaller proportion unsuccessful than GP trainees…Simply based on training performance, a preference for CTI graduates over GP applicants at both en route and terminal facilities seems warranted….

Source: The Utility of the Air Traffic Selection and Training Test Battery in Hiring Graduates of an Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative Program, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Federal Aviation Administration.


We are students and veterans who believe those who serve in the military or graduate the CTI Program are better prepared to enter the air traffic control specialist career path. CTI  and veteran students of all races and genders perform better and certify at a much higher rate than off-the-street candidates. The FAA is well aware of this fact, yet due to alleged discrimination, that their own studies disprove, the FAA has effectively eliminated the CTI/ Veteran special hiring pool.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: we are NOT affiliated in any way with the CTI school association or the CTI connection groups.


We are an independent source advocating for current CTI students, VRAs (Veterans) and former CTI graduates as well as exposing alleged corruption by FAA employees.  


If our website is too harsh for you we kindly ask that you go elsewhere so you are not offended.  If you are interested in the actual story behind FAA managers who have abused the public trust- welcome. 


Please see the tipline on the menu at the top in order to blow the whistle on FAA corruption. To date hundreds of employees have sent in information and tips regarding fraud, waste and abuse. 

IS Teri Bristol Involved in The Scam With Mary and Joe?



Teixeira's Boss Does Nothing ??


Teri, Mary and Joe Show


Juggalo/Juggalette (Jŭgg-a-lo/J ŭgg-a-lette)- an insane gang of current and former FAA high level management clowns that get adrenalin rushes from ripping off the taxpayer.



Michael McCormick

Oh where oh where has Juggalo CHRIS METTS gone, oh where oh where could he be…


After recusing himself for channeling Juggalo money to Tetra and others, Chris Metts goes DEEP DEEP UNDERCOVER (that’s for you PJ because we know you get off pretending to be a spy- we know the real story Pinnochijoe) trying to distance himself from the Juggalos.


NOTE TO CHRIS: Either come clean now Chris- or you’ll NEVER get the chance. Little  Joey’s empire is crumbling away fast- and he will make YOU the fall guy. HELPFUL HINT #1: You may want to ring up Bill Nixon and get some REAL advice. HELPFUL HINT #2: If Bill tells you to just lay-low- errrr… get another “adviser.”

YES NATCA AND LOCKHEED.. There is a Santa Claus... if you're TetraTech AMT or Infina...

Money was diverted from many things including ERAM F&E to various Juggalo pals



What have we here?


4883 Controller Training Contract 

Scott Bukovec, System Ops. Contracts Group


Minimum $6M to a max of $500M - due to bid 3rd Qtr of 2014.


very interesting...


Would any of the Juggalos like to comment?

Geeez FAA- At Least Get Your STORY Straight

Another eerie resemblance...

Baghdad Bob

"Washington has thrown their soldiers on the fire"


L'Enfant Mike -FAA Minister of Propaganda



DOT Secretary Foxx Admits Reason For FAA Illegally Purging CTI List

Eerie Resemblance

"Chalk Balls"


The Heat



John C. Scott- APTMetrics

Questions regarding lack of validation regarding APT questions on the BQ...

APT experienced in such matters? Not so fast....